Sunday, May 17, 2020

What’s in the bag? Spring Turkey Hunt Edition

What’s in the bag? Spring Turkey Hunt Edition

Spring is here, cool temperatures and a great time to try to call in some gobblers.

Cherry-stocked, jug-choked, contemporary fowling gun by Roy Stroh

Banded/scrimshawed powder horn by Billy Griner
Game bag by Eric Ewing

Knife by Kyle Williard

Bag axe by Elijah Froedge

Antler & horn collar

(Wood is ash)

Copper and horn powder measure by Bill Griner; Turkey wingbone call by unknown maker; tow worm by Brad Emig; flintlock multi-tool by Larry Callahan; flint wallet by Jim Webb

Small primer horn by Spark Mumma

Glass bottle with some No. 5 shot

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  1. Awesome set Eric. I love it all. The Type G Trade gun/Carolina gun rear sight on the gun is a nice touch and I love the site picture with those. Super. That bag. OMG.