Monday, August 11, 2014

Effigy Shot/ball Pouch #3

This is another simple ball/shot pouch made from a small section of cane and some homespun-pattern fabric, bound with hemp and with a carved hardwood stopper.

Outside bound pouch

This pouch was made for horner Ron Hess. The leather used is cowhide and pigskin binding; both were lightly aged.  It's hardware includes an antler button and an iron buckle.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hair-on Calfhide Bag #2

The front panel and flap of this pouch are made from hair-on calf hide.  The back panel, gusset, strap tongue and buckle parts are cowhide.  The flap is bound and lined with pigskin.  The strap was made by Kris Polizzi ( and then aged slightly.  The steel buckle was made by blacksmith William Bisher of Black Turtle Forge ( 

I was extremely honored when this shot pouch was awarded the Madison Grant Award at the 2014 Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair.  Like all my work this pouch was inspired by different elements of original pouches and from contemporary work by artists I admire greatly.  I owe both groups a debt of gratitude for this award as well as those who bring the work out for us to see.


Flint & Tool Wallet

This is a simple fold over wallet for flints and tools made from cowhide.  It closes with an antique bone button.

Calf-hair pouch #1

This pouch is made from cowhide with pigskin bindings and a hair-on calfskin flap.  The strap is made from hemp.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Effigy ball/shot pouch #2

This simple ball or shot pouch is made from a homespun pattern fabric, and has a cane spout secured with a linen thread.  The spout plug is carved from hardwood.

Hawk sheath

This is a hawk sheath with a shoulder strap.  It is made from cowhide with a rawhide liner.  The user requested a Lenape Turtle symbol on the flap.  I based the simple stitched design from one reportedly shown on a map drawn by a Munsee prophet dated 1760 (