Saturday, February 14, 2015

Calf Hair Pouch #3

This pouch is made from cowhide, hair-on calfhide, and with pigskin for the outside binding.  There is a brass button and forged steel buckle.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Shot and Ball Pouches

These were made using a variety of materials.   The spouts were turned on a lathe by Kris Polizzi.  The bodies of the pouches are made from leather, antique ticking, hemp, and homespun pattern cotton fabric.  They are secured to the spouts by hemp cord, linen cord, and wire.  Several have designs burned into the leather.  Some have rough wooden stoppers, several of which are carved into human or animal effigies.  One of the spouts has a rawhide repair.

Haversack #3

The outside of the haversack is a striped cotton fabric that has been tin clothed, the inside is a heavy hemp fabric.  The flap is made from bark-tanned deer hide and closes with a horn button.  Kris Polizzi wove the cotton strap.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pair of simple leather shot pouches

This is a pair of simple cowhide shot pouches.  One is a square shape, the other heart shaped. Each was inspired by bags from Madison Grant's "The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch".  Both were aged significantly and have straps adjusted by an antique bone button.  The square pouch is being offered as a raffle prize at the 18th Annual Shandaken Primitive Biathlon

Horn straps

This is a pair of straps woven by Kris Polizzi with leather trim and iron rings added by me.  These could be used to carry a powder horn but are also suitable as a strap for a pouch and possibly even as a sling for a gun.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ticking bag with Jack Hansberry Flintlock

This was one of the first pouches I ever made.  It was given to a friend, gunmaker Jack Hansberry.  I saw it hanging on his wall recently and thought that it would be a good idea to rework it a bit, waterproof it, add a few accoutrements, and pair it with one of my favorite guns Jack has made.

The pouch was made from pillow ticking lined with canvas. It has a cowhide flap is decorated with brass moon and star.  Added to the pouch is an original powder horn, and powder measure and a copper wire vent pick.  An antique table knife has been repurposed as a patch knife.  The flintlock is a 50 caliber smoothbore with a maple stock, iron trigger guard and patchbox, a copper wrist repair, brass and silver inlays.