Saturday, July 23, 2016

#107 - Haversack #9, "The Chicken Thief"

Made from alum-tanned raccoon hide, tin clothed antique ticking (possibly old pillow case), leather strap with antique buckle.

Monday, July 18, 2016

#106 - Pouch and horn set for Jim Kibler

This set was commissioned by flintlock rifle maker Jim Kibler to accompany his Southern Mountain Rifle Kit gun.

Materials used in the construction of the pouch include antique coverlet, bark-tanned deer hide, alum-tanned woodchuck hide, hemp and linen fabric, brain-tanned deer, a forged steel ring, and an antique buckle.

The powder horn with squirrel hide repair was made by Matthew Fennewald.

The braided hemp cord and pan whisk was made by Robyn Latham.

The patch knife was made by Clifton Hicks.

Additional materials include a barktan and rawhide knife sheath, a brass powder measure, and a brass vent pick.

Information about Jim Kibler's southern mountain longrifle kit can be found here: