Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whats in the bag?

A peek into my hunting pouch...



Small cloth bag with a few flints, some ball patching, turnscrew by Keith Gibson, tow worm by Roy Stroh, feather, wiping cloth, and a buckeye for good luck.

Small coverlet bag with a striker by Keith Gibson, a large flint, and some tow

Antique table knife with a bark-tan sheath, small priming horn by Harris Maupin, cane measure by Art Riser, and brass wire vent pick


#81-Groundhog bag with antique horn

I made this hunting pouch from a local garden thief that I case-skinned and alum-tanned at home.  There is a heart-shaped repair on the front where I got a little overzealous scraping the belly part of the hide.  The horn is an antique, and Jim Webb may have made the stopper (he couldn't recall upon seeing it, but thought he very well may have).  The cane measure was made by Art Riser.  There is also a brass wire vent pick and an antique table knife with a bark-tanned sheath.